News from Vanderbilt University Medical Center

A recent visitation to Vanderbilt Cancer Center found the Susan Morrow Legacy Foundation engaging in an overview of what Vanderbilt has been up to the last year.

Making a Difference for Veterans

With a growing concern for veterans in our society The Susan Morrow Legacy Foundation continues to delve onto a more personal level with donations to “ONE MORE WAVE” and “SHELTER TO SOLDIER”.

News from The Mayo Clinic

Advances towards early detection with the aid of philanthropy of The Susan Morrow Legacy Foundation. The Mayo clinic is using high grade technologies and equipment to attack high grade serious ovarian cancers.

George Bernard Shaw

Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not.

- George Bernard Shaw

Henri Poincare

It is through Science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.

- Henri Poincare

Our Mission

Susan Morrow Legacy Foundation

With a Bold vision to make an impact in society.

100% of your donations go to the cause you want to support.

The Susan Morrow Legacy Foundation began in 2017 to support the Morrow family’s values of providing support for sustainable organizations performing effective work for combat veterans, animals, early childhood education, alternative education in trades and technical skills, and the arts. The Morrow family works together to seek out, engage with, and support such organizations.

A Note from the Board members: With overwhelming gratitude we thank all our donors and participants in helping us to support our philanthropic interests and goals. The foundation continues to support projects and programs that have a potential to make a difference in bettering the quality of others’ lives.

We are deeply grateful for the success of the recent auction of The Susan Morrow Legacy Foundation Collection. We are actively carrying out our endeavors to aide in the needs of more research for ovarian cancer.

Our Impact

Supporting PAWS To Help Injured Animals

Supporting PAWS To Help Injured Animals

Dear Morrow Legacy Foundation, Because of you, animals inadvertently injured by humans have been saved. Their journey to recovery is a story of hope and healing for our shared ecological community. This injured beaver was unable to walk and brought to PAWS by a...

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SMLF Foundation Supports The ARIEL Theatrical

SMLF Foundation Supports The ARIEL Theatrical

Diana Morrow and her son Michael are making a donation to support the Ariel Theater, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing year-round theater programs for children and adolescents. SMLF’s donation will help Ariel Theater continue its important work, enabling...

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